Do not download directly from the webseeds that are in these torrents please


VMware 1.2 linuxFAH (Use 7z file if you can as its 20MB smaller, need upto date winrar to open it )


7z hash MD5 F74F041A123471DD5434187F1B62CF2C

torrent file hash 6E6B1FC10B18DDDEDBF0FC54481B7C438E7ED731

zip MD5 278BC6DA8EA9F0984B34F6002A61027A

torrent file hash DB4D1E9CCDF302F90EC2FDB25E63EDFC82A2E5DB


Dev version (updated 06-20-10 its in USA date format)


md5 hash 5D687902F6769CB3344FD3EF4BAAC49D

torrent hashE656356E3CCCF6F445ECCB8D4F8B39A291354604

md5 hash C52A3CE60C03225FC3CEC7984A9EDE72

torrent hash AFCFF7E437A7D65DB27E0BCC477DA14284B62DCD


VMware-player-3.0.0-203739.exe (Newer version only supports 4 cores)

exe md5 D7ECFD5D400A5B44BFAEE4E8FACC07F5

torrent hash EDC7F6605EF4CDF821654C8A357D7E20C7D56BCF


Disk Load 1.0 ISO, and 7z, xz



md5 hash FD918B6E71A3222DF16706A61A13EBDC

torrent hash 3E2D351E6A31887FC9FC12D58986FF8CF0EF062C


md5 hash 1927851D8C77BC95137217B9E5D0BC1B

torrent hash AFE9E3753C21DD788EE4A1B6746C3C57E09369E9


md5 hash D425C118B501898519A40810EDBEF22C

torrent hash 4EF53890A0CA32DC1737B6ED2A4C63A3A8F0DCC9